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Is it possible to use the guitar reverb pedal for vocals?

Guitar pedals or the stomp boxes are the most commonly used tools for modifying the wavelengths of the sound that are coming out from the guitars. Even some models are using electronic instruments like keyboards, bass guitars, and even drums.

So it is possible to use the guitar pedals for vocals. You can connect them with so many other instruments also. The best reverb pedal can work any type of microphone. The professional singers are using the guitar pedal to add additional effects to their normal vocals.

guitar reverb pedalSetting up a guitar pedal with microphone

The first thing you should do before use a guitar reverb pedal for vocal is looking for jack compatibility. This important factor should be considered when plugging the guitar into a pedal. In the microphones, the jacks tend to have various dimensions. The range of the dimension will be varying from a quarter-inch to a full two inches.

If you faced with this problem, then it recommended going for buying a new microphone or new guitar pedal. So that only the jack and the cable can work together and get the expected results.

Guitar pedals for voice modification

In the guitar pedals for vocals, voice modification plays an important role. If you are buying the unique pedal for the voice modifications then you can go up with unlimited choices. Out of so many guitar pedals, the commonly used pedals are the boost, reverb, and the EQ stomp boxes.

Some pedals can be used for both guitars and vocals with the same efficiency. There is a huge category are available to explore and know about the guitar pedals. In the initial stage, it is recommended to go with the chorus pedal. Later days, you can buy the reverb or delay pedal or the looper one.

Look for overall sound system

You have to look for the mixer or the overall sound system. This is because the overall sound system will have integrated voice effects. So with the help of a mixer, you can able to apply whatever effect you are looking for your vocal channel.

The Bottom lines

The singers and the musicians are singing with the guitar pedals. And it is quite pretty and easy. You should feel blessed if you are having a pedal and microphone with you that are compatible with each other. Now you can get the basic information about the possibilities of guitar pedals with vocals.