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Ruby nozzles – A best friend of 3d nozzles

3d printerGenerally, the nozzles are a final physical piece in your printer to contact the filament, before it happen to your 3D printed element. So, it is very much crucial to understand how the 3d printer ruby nozzles are working efficiently.

If you wish to gain the completed advantage of the possibilities provided by the various kinds, you just take a look at the comparison guide and know everything about the 3D printer.

Basically, these printer nozzles could be classified in the following types such as:

  • Threading- pitch, angle
  • Filament diameter- 1.75mm or 3.00mm
  • Shaft length
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Nozzle diameter- Normal sizes such as 0.4mm, 0.25, 0.3mm and 0.5mm

Today, there are lots of 3D printer brands available that offer unique ruby tipped nozzle printing. These ruby nozzles have been marvelous, which permit 3D printing with the harsh materials. Now, the latest version of a larger size of ruby nozzle is released and its sizes are available in 0.6 and 0.8 mm. The top output version of this nozzle is highly featured with a new geometry. However, these latest versions are highly enjoyed by the users due to its wider options and high speed, when 3D printing with both the tough and standard materials.

Why the ruby nozzles are better than the steel nozzles?

3d printer nozzlesThe ruby nozzle can greatly works with a broad array of materials such as steel, PLA, wood, tungsten, nylon and phosphorescent pigment. The great thing about ruby nozzles is having high thermal conductivity and also made up of a brass.

Actually, this ruby is positioned at the tip of a nozzle that guarantees the successful 3D printing with the best tolerances as well as quality. Now, the ruby nozzle is assembled, manufactured and also verified in the top quality facility.

Comparatively, the stainless steel nozzles are having low thermal conductivity, chemical resistant and corrosion resistant. These nozzles are also abrasion resistant, but it is quite lower than the hardened steel. It is also quite costlier than brass and have several tough choices.

What can be printed with ruby nozzles?

The term ruby is not just a name. The nozzle has a tiny bit of ruby with a 0.4mm hole at the center and available in many other sizes. This ruby is much more affordable choice for 3D printing. It is better than brass and hardened steel nozzles that conducts better heat and provides the most beneficial outcome. However, this ruby nozzle can also print PLA with the carbon fiber filament excluding of any reverse effects.


Over, the 3d printer ruby nozzles are mainly created for the lab purpose to use 3D printing with ultimate harsh filaments. At present, this nozzle is one of the most resistant wear nozzles available in the market. It has an ability to print 8 kilograms of carbon fiber filament with nil signs of wear. The ruby nozzle is also widely used in testing field for making the stunning prints. It also maintains the consistent temperature.

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